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Medical Vacuum Filters

BeaconMedaes Medical Vacuum (MV) Filters are specifically designed to protect the vacuum system as well as workers who must maintain this equipment and the surrounding environment.

These medical vacuum bacterial filters are installed at the inlet of the vacuum pump to remove any liquid, solid or bacterial contamination which could damage the vacuum pump and release harmful exhaust into the downstream air. Our high efficiency medical vacuum filtration solutions fully comply to medical gas pipeline systems standards for NFPA 99, providing you peace of mind that biological contaminants are not released into the atmosphere.

Fully Protected and Compliant

  • Independent 3rd party tested and fully compliant to HEPA filter efficiency rating for certified piece of mind
  • Now part of 2018 NFPA 99 standard requirement for biological filtration on central vacuum systems
  • Seismic tested and certified by OSHPD
  • Visible biohazard hazard labels help maintenance technicians and staff understand safety risks and alert people they may need to handle hazardous materials, therefore specific procedures should be followed